The 10 Best Beard Trimmers 2024, Tested by Men’s Health


At Men’s Health, we take the art of grooming seriously. That’s why our grooming and shopping editors have thoroughly tested every beard trimmer in this guide. We tested each device’s cutting performance, the longevity of the blades, the battery life, the quality of the attachments, and how gentle each trimmer was on skin.

Key Features to Look Out For

During our testing, we noticed a few key features that are worth keeping an eye out for. From battery life to extra attachments, these attributes will help make looking after your beard that much easier.


One of the key considerations to make when shopping for a beard trimmer, according to Ruffians barber Craig Meggs, is manoeuvrability. ‘Beard trimmers vary in size and durability,’ he explains. ‘It’s best to go for smaller, lighter-weight beard trimmers that come with a cordless rechargeable option, which will help both speed and accuracy.’ 

Adjustable Lengths

Meggs also recommends beard trimmers with an adjustable blade head in order to get the perfect blend across your beard. This will also help you to customise your beard to your desired length and style.

Most trimmers come with attachable combs that can range between anything from 0.2mm to 30mm; others have adjustable combs built in that you can switch up with a wheel or a touchscreen. If you’re someone who doesn’t like fiddling between different combs and attachments, go for the former. For a wider variety of length settings, opt for the latter.


The quality of your beard trimmer’s blades is crucial for a precise and comfortable experience. Not only do stainless steel blades provide the best sharpness, they also tend to remain sharp for longer.

Battery Life

If you regularly spend time perfecting your beard, or you simply have a lot of hair to maintain, then you’ll want a long battery life to keep up with your intricate routine. The devices featured below will last anywhere between 50 minutes and three hours, which should keep you going over multiple shaves.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Look for a trimmer that’s easy to clean and maintain. Some models come with detachable heads that can be rinsed under water for quick and effortless cleaning. It’s also common to get a small brush when you buy a beard trimmer, which you can use to clean the inside.

Additional Features

Some trimmers will come with additional extras to make your shaving experience easier. Whether it’s precision blades, travel and storage cases, or even beard oil, check out what else is on offer when you buy to get the most out of your bundle.

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

According to Meggs, it’s easiest to maintain your beard when you trim it regularly. ‘Every three days should be fine,’ he says. ‘The more frequently you maintain it, the less time you will spend on it in the long run. If left too long between trimming, the shape will disappear and it will take longer to achieve the desired result.’

Can You Use a Beard Trimmer in the Shower?

Most beard trimmers and multi-groomers are waterproof, offering the convenience of using them in the shower for a hassle-free clean-up. It’s also said that the heat from a shower can help to soften your hair and open up your pores for a closer and more gentle shave.

Cutting dry will undoubtedly give you the most control, but if a waterproof trimmer is something that you’re looking for, even if it’s just for easy cleaning, we’ve included details of each trimmer’s water-resistance rating in our full reviews.

How to Trim Your Beard With a Beard Trimmer

We have a full guide detailing the eight steps to follow when trimming your beard, but here’s a quick breakdown of the key things worth doing:

  1. Wash – It’s always worth washing your beard before you go in with a trimmer. A standard daily face wash that suits your skin type will do the job. Alternatively, a dedicated beard wash can help to soften the hair before trimming, making it easier to cut.
  2. Brush – This step helps to prepare your beard. Make sure to gently untangle any knots.
  3. Trim the flyaways – Once you’ve brushed, you may notice loose hairs sticking out your beard. Attach a longer guard than you’re ultimately aiming for and trim them away, leaving a consistent length all over.
  4. Trim your beard – Now the main event. Begin by choosing a guard, then hold your trimmer at a 90 degree angle to your face and gently and steadily move the trimmer down your face in a straight line, always moving with the direction the hair grows. Work your way around the entire beard utill it’s all one uniform length.
  5. Define the lines – Using your trimmer without a guard, etch a line that connects the top of your Adam’s apple to the corners of your jaw or your ears on both sides. Trim away the hair left below that line and, using a razor, shave any remaining stubble.
  6. Trim your moustache – Using the same guard as your beard, go over your moustache, again moving with the direction it grows. Then comb and trim any overhang with a pair of scissors.
  7. Style – Apply a beard oil and pat your beard into the desired shape (if long enough).
  8. Final touch ups – Take a moment to go over your handiwork and trim away any remaining flyaways or go over any areas that look lopsided.

Once you’ve mastered the standard trim, consider graduating to a beard fade, using these five simple steps.

Can You Take a Beard Trimmer on a Plane?

Yes, you can carry a beard trimmer in your hand luggage. The UK government has published a list of electronic items that you can board a plane with and electric shavers (which includes beard trimmers, body groomers, head shavers, nose trimers) are included in the list.

While electric shavers are permitted, you can’t carry double-edged razors or razor blades on flights as hand luggage. However, you can carry safety razors.


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