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Swiss Financial Innovation Desk Launches Fintech Hackathon – Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News

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Swiss Financial Innovation Desk Launches Fintech Hackathon

by Fintechnews Switzerland

March 20, 2024

FIND, the new formed government supported Swiss Financial Innovation Desk (FIND), announced the launch of its flagship event “SwissHacks”, a fintech-focused hackathon powered by Tenity.

FIND aims to concierge and hatch financial innovation and consolidate Switzerland’s leadership in the global financial arena by having the smartest minds solve real-world issues within 48 hours and link prototype solutions with corporates and investors.

The hackathon is set to occur 28-30 June 2024, the weekend prior to the Point Zero Forum, a renowned platform for global leaders to address latest developments in financial technology and the future of finance.

As an independent unit within the State Secretariat for International Finance of the Federal Department of Finance, FIND serves as the catalyst for financial innovation in Switzerland. The desk’s mission is to promote financial innovation through concierging dialogue and collaboration between innovation projects, research, investors, and authorities at both national and international levels.

SwissHacks 2024 as a Premiere

With the premiere of SwissHacks 2024, FIND invites students, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals to tackle real-world challenges and opportunities within the financial sector. It encourages seasoned hackatheers and hackanewbies alike to immerse in SwissHacks 2024.

Participants will have the chance to showcase their innovative prototype solutions and ideas in front of a panel of visionaries, industry experts and potential investors. FIND’s flagship event promises to be a melting pot of creativity and innovation, generating actionable solutions that contribute to the future of finance and benefits society at large.

The premiere of SwissHacks 2024 is made possible through innovation rockstar partners and challenge sponsors SIX, Julius Baer, Ripple, Postfinance, and Microsoft in collaboration with Unique, as well as innovation visionary partners Raiffeisen and Finance Swiss, as well as more partners yet to be announced.

Eva Selamlar

Eva Selamlar

For Eva Selamlar, Head of FIND,

“SwissHacks 2024 is a first. Never before has there been a Swiss government driven hackathon with an exclusive focus on financial innovation. Switzerland is the cradle of finance, education and entrepreneurial spirit. All we need to do is to unleash this DNA by putting the cleverest to work on five distinct problems. Best case is we see visionary and scalable solutions that address pressing societal challenges, worst case is we are smarter than 48h before and have had a good time with like-minded peers”.

The winning teams will be honored in a closing ceremony in the presence of the State Secretary for International Finance, Daniela Stoffel, but additionally have the opportunity to present their solutions on stage at the Point Zero Forum and at a side event on 2 July 2024 (by invite only) to decision makers and investors from around the world.

Applications for SwissHacks 2024 are open until April 30, 2024.



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