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eight awards for digital financial innovation

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SCB wins eight awards for product excellence and digital financial innovation, highlighting its commitment to providing its customers with cutting-edge banking services


         Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has made it a priority to advance its digital technology by fully integrating data intelligence and artificial intelligence to better understand its clients. Thanks to its dedication, the Bank was recognized by seven of the world’s most renowned institutions in the fields of digital financial product innovation and excellence in 2022, winning a total of eight awards. These awards are a testament to the Bank’s unwavering dedication to digital technology, which has allowed it to create innovative financial products and solutions that improve the customer experience in every way and increase accessibility for Thai people.




            Dr. Chalee Asavathiratham, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Banking Officer at Siam Commercial Bank (SCB DBank), commented on this success, saying, “SCB is committed to building a digital lifestyle ecosystem with the goal of bringing strong digital technology capabilities to further develop financial products and solutions that will elevate customer experiences for customers in all aspects. Because of its position as a leading financial institution in Thailand, SCB is committed to doing its share to narrow the income gap by increasing the availability of credit and other financial services to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. As a result of our hard work, the Bank was honored with eight awards for digital financial product and innovation excellence in 2022 from seven prestigious global institutions. This achievement will serve as a springboard for future innovation in customer-centric financial services on digital platforms, bringing Thai people into the complete digital financial world with the finest possible financial experience.”


            Three of SCB DBank’s 2022 awards were for the Bank’s outstanding financial products and solutions that prioritized the best possible client experience and completely catered to their requirements.  Another five were given for the Bank’s innovative approaches to other areas of banking. Some of the digital lending products and services that have earned SCB DBank recognition include SCB Connect, which is more than a basic financial transaction notification on LINE CONNECT to meet customer needs, and “JUST4U,” an intelligent personal financial assistant that summarizes both incoming and outgoing money each month.


The eight trophies the Siam Commercial Bank earned for product excellence and financial innovation were as follows:

  1. Thailand Technology Excellence Awards in AI – in the Banking category from the Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 for its outstanding “JUST4U” monthly spending summary service.
  2. Thailand Technology Excellence Awards in Connectivity in the Banking category from the Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2022 for “SCB Connect,” a fundamental financial transaction notification service on LINE CONNECT.
  3. Best in Lending Award from the Global Finance World Best Digital Bank Award 2022 event, held by the UK’s major financial and banking journal Global Finance, for its digital lending products
  4. Best Frictionless Customer Relationship Management award, presented by The Asian Banker, Asia’s top banking and finance publication, for “SCB Connect,” a simple financial transaction notification service on LINE CONNECT.
  5. Thailand Customer Experience of the Year Award – in the Banking category, recognizing Asia’s most creative companies from the Asian Experience Awards 2022 for providing financial products and solutions that prioritize customer experience.
  6. Best Use of Customer Feedback award from The Digital CX2022, the world’s top contest forum organized by The Digital Banker, a global banking and finance website with the primary purpose of providing products and financial solutions that prioritize the best customer experience.
  7. Best Use of CX Technology Award from the CX Asia Excellence Awards 2022 for providing financial products and solutions with a major focus on the best customer experience.
  8. Digital Marketing & Sales Award from The Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards 2022 for excellence and distinction in digital marketing & data analytics for the banking industry.



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