Bobbi Brown Uses These Products for ‘Simple,’ ‘No Makeup Makeup’

  • Bobbi Brown shared how to create a “no-makeup makeup look.”
  • The makeup pro shared the products she used to achieve the look.
  • Brown proved “it only takes a few minutes” to conceal redness and give the complexion a “natural glow.”

Bobbi Brown has been creating amazing beauty products and sharing her insider advice for decades. Whether she’s touting the “miracle” cream she swears by or sharing her guide to makeup for mature skin, we always learn a lot from the legendary makeup artist and Jones Road Beauty founder. Now, Brown is sharing a “simple” routine for a “no-makeup” makeup look (and corresponding products to achieve the look!) in a new tutorial so we can all do our makeup like a pro.

In the two-minute video, Brown uses nine products to create a beautiful, natural, easy makeup look on her model.

“It doesn’t take a lot for a no-makeup look, it’s actually quite simple,” Brown says in the YouTube video while viewers can see a before and after of the model’s face. “I’m gonna show you an easy no-makeup makeup look that only takes a few minutes.”

Below, we’re breaking down Brown’s tutorial including all of her expert tips, tricks, and go-to products.

Even out the complexion

Brown began with What The Foundation, the iconic lightweight yet buildable complexion product for which Jones Road Beauty is known. She applied the product in a light layer “all over” the model’s face, which Brown explained, “just evened out a little bit of redness.” Next, the makeup pro grabbed The Face Pencil and “gently tapped it” into the skin to cover any additional red or dark marks. “See, everyone has spots guys, by the way,” Brown said. Luckily, these complexion products did an excellent job at providing coverage while still letting the skin show through.

What The Foundation
Jones Road Beauty What The Foundation
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Face Pencil
Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Face Powder
Jones Road Beauty The Face Powder
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Bronzer
Jones Road Beauty The Bronzer
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Brow Gel
Jones Road Beauty The Brow Gel
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Best Pencil
Jones Road Beauty The Best Pencil
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Mascara
Jones Road Beauty The Mascara
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
The Lip Pencil
Jones Road Beauty The Lip Pencil
Credit: Jones Road Beauty
Shimmer Face Oil
Jones Road Beauty Shimmer Face Oil
Credit: Jones Road Beauty

Set with powder and add bronzer

After foundation and concealer, Brown applied Face Powder on top “to really lock it in place and keep it smooth.” She added the powder “all over” before warming up the model’s face with a bit of bronzer. Brown said that The Bronzer in shade Dusty Rose is one of her “favorite things”—“You think bronzer should be brown, [but] it’s a little rosey-pinky.” She applied it “all over,” concentrating on the cheeks, jawline, and forehead.

Define the eyes

Next, Brown used a tinted version of The Brow Gel to fill in the model’s eyebrows and help “create the shape” Brown wanted by gently brushing the hairs up. While not shown in applied The Best Pencil in brown and The Mascara to the model’s eyes.

Add color to the lips

For the lips, Brown swiped on “a little bit of pencil” (she used The Lip Pencil) in a “very natural” pinky-nude shade “to even out her lips.” The final step helped complete the look by giving the complexion “a really natural glow” via The Shimmer Face Oil in Midas adorning the tops of her cheeks.

And there you have it! Check out more of Brown’s makeup tips below.

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